SALT Conference: Embracing the Struggle — With Nick Vita, Co-founder of Columbia Care

Coming to you live from the SALT Conference in Las Vegas, host Doug Heikkinen speaks with someone who’s been crushing it for a long time in the medical cannabis field, Nick Vita, co-founder of Columbia Care.

In this episode, Nick shares his journey to building his company during a time where there is little acceptance of cannabis as an alternative medication. Columbia Care is a patient-centered health care company that is setting the standard of care for medical cannabis.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What is happening in the cannabis industry
  • How to know what’s real and what’s fake within the cannabis market
  • What Columbia Care’s “100,000,000 Ways to Break the Opioid Crisis” initiative is about
  • How Nick’s childhood influenced his career journey
  • How Nick overcame the criticism that came with joining the cannabis industry
  • How he continuously gave himself permission to succeed
  • What success means to Nick

Tune in to hear Nick Vita’s story about navigating the ups and downs to build a successful medical cannabis company.

Resources:  Columbia Care | SALT Conference

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