Monthly Archives: February 2020

Episode 39 – Can Financial Technology Catch Alexa? – with Doug Fritz

This episode of Permission to Succeed features Doug Heikkinen and Doug Fritz, founder & CEO of F2 Strategy, discussing financial technology and how financial advisors should be thinking about it, evaluating their options, and planning for the future. They also talk about how Doug’s passion for helping people led him to found F2 Strategy, and advice he has for others looking to make the leap and start their own companies.

In this podcast, you will hear:

  • How FinTech is playing catch-up to investor expectations in a world of Alexa and rideshare apps
  • How to know if you have good technology in place
  • The importance of purposefully making and adapting to change to build the muscle memory necessary to do it again and again
  • Key points to consider when evaluating new technology solutions


RESOURCES:  F2 Strategy 

Episode 38 – Success is Built on “We” with Ross Marino

This episode of Permission to Succeed features Doug Heikkinen and Ross Marino, a financial planner and the Founder & CEO of Advisor2X, discussing how advisors are excited about transitioning many aspects of their businesses to grow and stay relevant.

In this podcast, you will learn about:

  • The reversal of traditional planning relationships – yes, clients still need help with their portfolios, but planners are focusing more on their clients’ life events and meeting their needs at each stage. 
  • The greying of advisors is not necessarily forcing them out. Excitement around new ways of business is keeping them engaged.
  • How Ross’s commitment to helping Advisors learn led him to start Advisor2X.
  • Why you should consider attending the Retirement & Longevity Conference.


RESOURCES:  Advisor2X | Retirement & Longevity Summit