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MarketCounsel Summit: Innovate, Disrupt, and Win with Eric Clarke

Be willing to constantly disrupt your own business model.

Those words of advice come from our next guest, who is no stranger to keeping pace with daily technological changes. Eric Clarke is the founder and CEO of Orion Advisor Services.

Today Eric talks to Matt and Doug about the importance of self-disruption, the value of innovation, and how two parents and 500 kids sparked his entrepreneurial spirit.  

Take Eric’s words and run with them. Tune in and give yourself permission to succeed!

Resources: Eric Clarke’s LinkedIn  |Orion Advisor Services| MarketCounsel Summit

MarketCounsel Summit: Committing to the CEO Path with Amit Dogra

The term “CEO” is used so often, that people may overlook the amount of bootstrapping and inner confidence it takes to land that title and then live up to the name.

Today’s guest from the MarketCounsel  Summit series is here to share his reflective view on what it means to succeed as a CEO.

Joining Doug and Matt is Amit Dogra, CEO of Third Seven Advisors. In this episode, Amit discusses his climb to this leadership role, the defining characteristics of CEOs, his stance on team unity, and his childhood brushes with the entrepreneurial world.

Amit’s path is a glowing example of giving oneself permission to succeed. Listen to this episode to learn and inspire your walk as a CEO.

Resources: Third Seven Advisors | MarketCounsel Summit

It’s Not About Perfection, It’s About Progression – With David Canter

How do you rise above when you’re in a wicked competitive environment? It starts with having a roundtable mentality.

Meet today’s guest, David Canter, the executive VP and head of the registered investment advisors (RIA) segment for Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions. David is also a talented guitarist who has a particular love for playing Grateful Dead’s music, which you’ll hear during the podcast!

In today’s episode, we meet with David live at the MarketCounsel Summit.  David shares his perspective on embracing roundtables over hierarchies, what Grateful Dead can teach us about perfection, and who on this earth gave him permission to succeed.

Take David’s words and run with them. Tune in and give yourself permission to succeed!

Resources: David Canter’s LinkedIn

“Turning Walls into Curtains” with Brian Hamburger

Brian Hamburger is the President & CEO of MarketCounsel. MarketCounsel is the leading business and regulatory consultancy to the country’s preeminent independent investment advisers at all stages throughout their lifecycle. Brian is also the Managing Partner of Hamburger Law, a boutique law firm with its practice in virtually all areas related to the investment and securities industry, entrepreneurial and employment matters. From its roots in 2000, MarketCounsel has been steadfast in its mission to deliver solutions to the most substantial challenges faced by entrepreneurs in this fast-growing and highly-regulated industry and it has emerged as one of its most effective advocates.  Brian’s path and the team he’s built are a great example of giving yourself permission to succeed. Listen to this episode to learn and inspire you in your path.