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Episode 24 What Does Your Success Look Like? — With Ray Hennessey

It might just take a little bit of crazy to be a great entrepreneur.

Join this intimate conversation between host Doug Heikkinen and special guest Ray Hennessey, president of JConnelly, Inc. Together, they explore the status of today’s business world through stories from Ray’s personal and work experiences.  

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur
  • How to determine whether you have an entrepreneurial mindset
  • About upcoming opportunities for next-gen advisors and emerging wealth 
  • What media is today
  • And much more

Tune in and consider that if you can give yourself permission to fail, your success could very well be life-changing.

Resources: JConnelly, Inc.

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Episode 23 –  The Human Connection Still Matters — With Rod Sayegh

Are you able to help your clients quickly and efficiently?

Join this engaging conversation with host Doug Heikkinen and guest Rod Sayegh, head of digital strategies at Fiduciary Trust Company International. In this episode, they discuss the future of wealth management, why it’s imperative for advisors to get out of the mundane, and whether technology could ever meet all of millennials’ needs.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • About trends for the future of wealth management
  • Whether its clients or advisors that are demanding change
  • Three changes that millennials are asking for (that everyone wants)
  • Rod’s opinion on whether robo-advisors can meet all of millennials’ needs
  • Rod’s background and who has helped him to succeed 
  • And much more

Tune in and learn how you can move forward in life with on the job training.

Resources: Fiduciary Trust Company International

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Episode 22 – Keeping the Standards High With Fintech — With Hussain Zaidi

Are you struggling to adapt to new FinTech?

Join us today and listen in as host Doug Heikkinen and guest Hussain Zaidi, co-founder and CEO of Advizr, discuss how technology is changing the fiduciary environment. In this conversation, they uncover FinTech’s newest advancements and consider whether regulation will ever happen.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What technological forces may threaten advisors 
  • About the latest advancements in FinTech
  • How advisors can compete in today’s’ market by adapting to the new FinTech
  • The importance of offering services to a client regardless of their net worth
  • And much more

Tune in now and learn what it means to be nimble in the age of new FinTech.

Resources: Advizr

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Episode 21 – Today’s Investor Wants a New Paradigm — With Lucille Mayer

There is a whole new emerging wealth out there for the taking, but this group wants a different advisor experience, with the majority wishing for technology to be part of the mix. 

Join this technology-focused conversation with host Doug Heikkinen and guest Lucille Mayer, COO of Apex Clearing. In this episode, you will find out whether the traditional advisor is truly an endangered species, what today’s investor expects from the advisor experience, and how Apex Clearing endeavors to take robo-advisors’ best qualities and bring them to the advisor to assist clients like never before.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why new technology is not just for millennials
  • Whether technology can completely replace advisors
  • What advisors can do to compete with non-traditional firms
  • What resources are available to women coming out of college in the tech world
  • And much more

Tune in and be encouraged to take hold of new technology!

Apex Clearing |

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Episode 20 –  Dinosaur or Entrepreneur: Which Kind of Advisor Are You? — With Jeffrey Sica

Are you an evolving advisor that can attract and retain the new age investor?

Join this riveting conversation with host Doug Heikkinen and guest, Jeff Sica, founder, president, and chief investment officer of Circle Squared Alternative Investments. The changing investment environment is requiring advisors to keep up with the new version of the investor. In the face of this new challenge, will you choose to be a dinosaur or entrepreneur?

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why advisors are being pushed out of their comfort zones
  • Whether investors are actually demanding more risk
  • How impact investing can benefit the community
  • And much more

Tune in and dare to ask yourself a question with direction-changing implications: “What kind of advisor am I: dinosaur or entrepreneur?”

Circle Squared Alternative Investments LLC  

Episode 19 –  Outlook for the Real Estate Market — With Terrell Gates

Do you know what the future holds for real estate in this country?

Join this engaging conversation with host Doug Heikkinen and guest, Terrell Gates, founder and CEO of Virtus Real Estate Capital, LP. In this episode, Doug and Terrell talk about the current state of the real estate market, the birth of Virtus, and how major demographic trends are affecting the market.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The differences between various asset classes in the economic cycles
  • Why entrance pricing and new supply risk are two things to watch out for
  • What it was like for Terrell to grow up in the real estate environment
  • Why it’s essential to have a resilient business plan
  • And much more

Tune into this conversation now for an outlook on the U.S. real estate market.

Virtus Real Estate Capital 

Episode 18 –  Top Trends That Are Reshaping the Finance Industry — With David Lau

Are you up on the latest trends in the finance industry?

Join this eye-opening conversation with host Doug Heikkinen and guest, David Lau, founder and CEO of DPL Financial Partners. In this episode about top industry trends, they discuss how clients’ view of planning has shifted, why that’s turning advisors’ value propositions upside down, and what must change in the finance industry.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why advisors need to change their value proposition 
  • What the future holds for RIAs  
  • About DPL’s role in the industry
  • A sneak peek into David’s life
  • And much more.

Tune in to discover top industry trends and consider your next move!

Resources: DPL Financial Partners | David Lau | DPL Financial Partners’ Twitter


Episode 17 – Failure Is a Step Closer to Succeeding — With David Lyon

Not giving up is 90% of the battle. Just ask David Lyon, founder and CEO of Oranj, an award-winning software company that serves up streamlined investment management.

In this episode, host Doug Heikkinen and David uncover the real value proposition of advisors, the extent to which today’s advisors are adopting technology, and what makes Oranj 100% people-focused. David also shares why “total ignorance” is an entrepreneur’s bliss. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Oranj helps advisors and their clients
  • How and why fees need to change across the board
  • What advisors can expect from a new generation of investors
  • How David’s childhood influences helped shape him 
  • And much more.

Tune in to hear David’s story and learn why failure is a step closer to success. 

Oranj | David Lyon | Oranj’s Twitter

Episode 16 – The Glory of the UnMarked Trail — With Sean Brown.

As an entrepreneur, you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. And that’s so glorious.

Here to unravel that statement are host Doug Heikkinen and guest Sean Brown, president and CEO of YCharts. In this episode, Sean discusses YCharts’ mission to help asset managers and wealth advisors make smarter investment decisions on behalf of clients. Sean also opens up about his entrepreneurial journey and shares advice for new entrepreneurs.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why people are leaving their advisors
  • Why YCharts is like the Swiss Army Knife for investment research
  • Sean Brown’s advice for transitioning to a CEO role at a new-to-you company
  • Why Sean is hopeful for the future of independent advisors
  • And much more.

Tune in to learn about YCharts and Sean’s philosophy for walking your entrepreneurial trail.  

YCharts | Sean Brown


Episode 15 – How to Modernize Your Approach to Risk — With Eric Metz 

Have you ever wondered what the potential benefits might be to having an options overlay strategy in your clients’ portfolio? Eric Metz, president and CIO of SpiderRock Advisors, explains how modernizing your approach to risk will help you meet your clients’ demands. 

In today’s episode, host Doug Heikkinen speaks with Eric about the pathway that led him to SpiderRock Advisors. Plus, Eric discusses the collateral library that helps illustrate the merits of what they do each day with their derivatives-based strategies.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • About the customized option strategies that SpiderRock offers 
  • Why de-risking is a focal point in SpiderRock’s client conversations
  • How they position client portfolios when the market is at an all-time high
  • About SpiderRock Advisors’ trajectory
  • Eric’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs who are afraid to take the next step
  • And much more.

Tune in and listen to Eric speak about how his team has built a business that advisors can trust.

Resources: SpiderRock Advisors | Eric Metz