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SALT Conference: What Builds Confidence – With Cormac Kinney, CEO of Diamond Standard

The ability to successfully do something over and over again not only builds skills, but it also builds confidence.

That is Cormac Kinney’s career story as he shares with host Doug Heikkinen at the SALT Conference in Las Vegas. Cormac is the CEO of Diamond Standard, a U.S- and Bermuda-based organization. They are manufacturers of the diamond commodity and developers of the hardware and software that powers it.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What Diamond Standard is all about
  • How diamonds are traded
  • Why Cormac chose to trade diamonds instead of gold
  • How advisors can effectively explain the trading of diamonds to their clients
  • Cormac’s path to serial entrepreneurship
  • The process and challenges of developing new ideas
  • What success means to him and his advice for aspiring serial entrepreneurs

Tune in now to meet Cormac Kinney and learn about his confidence-filled serial-entrepreneurial career journey.

Resources: Diamond Standard | SALT Conference

SALT Conference: Embracing the Struggle — With Nick Vita, Co-founder of Columbia Care

Coming to you live from the SALT Conference in Las Vegas, host Doug Heikkinen speaks with someone who’s been crushing it for a long time in the medical cannabis field, Nick Vita, co-founder of Columbia Care.

In this episode, Nick shares his journey to building his company during a time where there is little acceptance of cannabis as an alternative medication. Columbia Care is a patient-centered health care company that is setting the standard of care for medical cannabis.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What is happening in the cannabis industry
  • How to know what’s real and what’s fake within the cannabis market
  • What Columbia Care’s “100,000,000 Ways to Break the Opioid Crisis” initiative is about
  • How Nick’s childhood influenced his career journey
  • How Nick overcame the criticism that came with joining the cannabis industry
  • How he continuously gave himself permission to succeed
  • What success means to Nick

Tune in to hear Nick Vita’s story about navigating the ups and downs to build a successful medical cannabis company.

Resources:  Columbia Care | SALT Conference

SALT Conference: Maintain Your Ability to Be Nimble and Reinvent — With George Schultze, CEO of Schultze Asset Management

When a crisis hits, give yourself permission to succeed and turn a time of distress into an opportunity.

In this live recording from the SALT Conference in Las Vegas, Doug Heikkinen is joined by the CEO of Schultze Asset Management, George Schultze. George talks about the tremendous investment opportunity that was borne out of the Great Financial Crisis and explains his firm’s specialty as an event-driven and distressed securities manager.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The bankruptcy situations of PG&E, Sears, and Caesars
  • Why George chose to focus on distressed securities
  • Challenges George faced while starting his company 21 years ago
  • How people go about seeking distressed securities
  • Moments in George’s journey where he gave himself permission to succeed
  • What success means to him

Tune in now to be inspired by George’s journey and give yourself permission to succeed!

Resources: Shultze Asset Management | SALT Conference

Envestnet Advisor Summit®: Giving Yourself Permission to Go for It — With Tom Gatto, Director of Strategic Relationships at Artivest

In this live episode from the Envestnet Advisor Summit® in Texas, Tom Gatto discusses his resilient career journey with host Doug Heikkinen. Tom is the director of strategic relationships at Artivest, a technology platform that provides insight and access to exceptional alternative investing.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Tom’s experience at Merrill Lynch and Prudential influenced his career journey
  • What Artivest is about and how they serve their clients
  • Why advisors should have alternatives in their portfolio
  • Some obstacles Tom has faced during his career and how he gave himself permission to succeed every time
  • What success means to Tom and what advice he would give to struggling entrepreneurs

Tune in now to learn about Tom Gatto’s resilient career path and how he got to where he is today.

Resources: Artivest | Envestnet Advisor Summit®